Here at The Copper Bowl we are a holistic spa and studio. We offer classes, energetic healing, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and a variety of spa services such as manicures, pedicures, facials, and waxing. 
Our purpose is simple; we strive to give people an experience that leaves them fuller in spirit and warmer in heart than when they came in. Whether that means we have rejuvenated their body or eased a restless mind, we hope that all of our clients have an experience that speaks to them and gave them what they needed for where they were in that moment. 
Our name, The Copper Bowl, relates to our use of copper bowls in our spa services. The symbology of copper comes from Roman times when it was known as aes cyprium. Aes is the Latin term for copper alloys and Cyprium comes from the name of the island, Cyprus, where copper was mined. Copper was represented by the goddess Aphrodite who saw the island, Cyprus, as sacred. In addition the symbol for copper in alchemy is the same used to represent the female and the goddess and heavenly body known as Venus. There were seven heavenly bodies known to the ancient Romans, all associated with the seven metals known then. It is nearly endless the many ways in which copper is connected to the divine feminine. It is a powerful conductor of heat and electricity and has antibacterial properties which make it perfect for use in our spa.  

Join Marnie Hansen - Quantum Field Energy Healer
Let's get together for an informal discussion, hands-on experience & a general 'get to know you' basis over coffee and pastires.  Marnie will present how this knowledge and energy came to her, what her journey has been like and how she has seen it help others.  She will show you the energy and answer your questions in this open morning forum.  
More information about Marnie can be found at www.marniehansen.com
Sunday, November 2nd, 10 am - 11 am
Sunday, December 14th, 10 am - 11 am

Please RSVP by calling 443-294-6612.  Cost is $20

The Wish Journey
A Wish is a desire for something to happen in your life ~to meet someone special, to find your dream job, to be happier.  You know what you WANT ... but do you know how to MAKE IT HAPPEN?  Let the Wish show you how! 
The Wish is an amazing transformational board game that has been played by thousands around the world to achieve their greatest wishes for love, financial freedom, health & well-being, life purpose, peach and happiness!

Make your wishes come true playing this intuitively fun game, which is more like a journey!  You are guaranteed lots of ah-ha's, insights and laughter while identifying and releasing what's blocking your wish.  Transform your thoughts, and connect with your heart to energize the manifestation of your wish!  Join us and our guest, National Facilitator, Michele Quesenberry (a Calvert Countain) for your Wishing Journey.
Sunday, November 2nd, 3:30 pm - 6 p.m.
Please RSVP by calling 443-294-6612.  Cost is $30
Beauty Blossoms: The Art of Authentic Living
“And, the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” –   Anais Nin
If you are exhausted by self-help tactics, the "gotta be better" turmoil and the endless trying to overcome...then the time is right for you to blossom.  

This day long event facilitated by Marnie Hansen, Connect to center, and Erin Lewis, Your Dream Queen, invites you to BE WHO YOU ARE, in a full and broad sense; Spiritually, Mentally, Physically and Emotionally.  It's the coming together of the that which you KNOW you are and the that which you live everyday.  We will witness stuck parts that aren't moving out of the way disintegrate and you full creation arrive for manifestation. 

We asked past participants how they felt before attending our workshop.  The answers?  "Confused, in need of clarification, in need of the courage to keep moving on, stuck & uninspired."

We also asked our participants to let us know how they felt after taking the class. Wahoo!  The answer were what we had hoped for; "Belief in Self, Received the necessary tools, Leadership from others that are in a hgher place than I'm at right now, Hopefulness, Opportunity".

Over and Over again, when asked abou the best part of the workshop, the answer are the same; The Guided Meditation, The understanding of the MerKaBa and the level of comfort and camaraderie within each class.

If you are ready for an intimate awakening, exploration and experience of aligning with your most authentic and powerful self, then we are here to take you through it.  Act now, enroll today.
For more info:  Beauty Blossoms
This workshop will be held Sunday, November 16th 10 am – 5 pm
Investment: $249 (early registration discount $199 – enroll by 10/31)
Beginner's Yoga Classes
This class focuses on self-care, breath, and body awareness. Explore basic yoga poses at a gentle pace with fundamental movement and healthy alignment. Modifications will be encouraged. Each class will also include postures for flexibility, meditation and relaxation techniques for overall balance. No experience required. Please bring a yoga mat, yoga strap or similar, a beach towel or yoga blanket.   Monday at 6:30 PM, Walk-ins $15. $65/once a week, $60 two or more classes a week.
Gentle Yoga Classes
This class blends gentle yoga postures, mindful stretching, meditation, and restorative postures. This combination is designed to gently increase range of motion, flexibility, and encourage relaxation. Sessions are open to all levels and beginners are welcome.  Please bring a yoga mat, yoga strap or similar and a beach towel or yoga blanket. Tues & Thurs, 9:30AM, Walk-ins $15. $65/once a week, $60 two or more classes a week.
Spring Forest Qigong Classes
Beginner's Qigong: Renew, restore, and revitalize with Spring Forest Qigong.  In this class, through simpl active exercises, controlled breathing, mental concentration, meditation and sound you'll learn to activate and cultivate your vital energy for overall fitness, improved health and general well being.  Dress comfortably for easy movement. Suggest bringing a yoga mat or blanket and pillow for use during meditaions (not required).  

Thursday 6:30-7:45 PM Walk-ins $15. $65/once a week, $60 two or more classes a week.

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